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Borderless is an independent Lebanese non-profit-organization with a mission to create life changing impact on the lives of vulnerable families. The NGO emerged out of existing needs within the local Lebanese communities with a central aim to serve the people. We strive to address the structural barriers to overcoming hardships in disadvantaged and at-risk communities, such as patterns of discrimination and exclusion; lack of access to essential public services; conflict and social disorder; and major public health threats.

These challenges are particularly acute for children, youths and women. As such, Borderless NGO identifies, builds, and strengthens the capacities, skills and knowledge to safeguard marginalized groups and equip them with the means for a better future. We engage in a range of integrated programs that protect and campaign against all forms of discrimination; prevent and respond to abuse, neglect, violence and exploitation; ensure immediate access to appropriate services; and provide durable solutions in the beneficiaries’ best interests.

We are very much aware of the complex weave that is society; this is why we believe that our goals can only be achieved by extending our work to the entire community. Our goal is to strengthen entire communities by making improvements to the existing socio-economic fabrics that will benefit everyone.

We believe that all individuals have the power to raise themselves out of any situation; what is lacking however, are the motivation, know-how, and network. Thus, our work can only be achieved by the generosity of donors and the talents of volunteers from all corners of the world that push current frontiers and share our vision of a global community lacking edges, limits, or boundaries. Our vision is a world with healthy, resilient, and cohesive communities where the most vulnerable members are able to reach their full potential.

How Borderless Works to Empower Communities in Need


Borderless saw a need to address the issues in a sustainable and cost effective way and as such implemented a community-based protection and development strategy to allow the impacted communities to prosper, regain the sense of dignity and self-determination and for all people to work together to have an inclusive and prosperous community. As such Borderless establishes community centers in disadvantaged and at-risk areas and creates safe and public places where children, youths, and women of diverse backgrounds can meet for education, recreation, livelihood programs, information exchange, social events, and other purposes. Borderless Community Centers are established with the main objective of empowering communities and their most vulnerable members and providing them with a forum to promote their participation in decisions that affect their lives.

Why Borderless Adopts a Community-Based Protection and Development Approach


Our experience has shown that effective support can only be achieved in close partnership with the communities. It is premised on the basis that communities and marginalized groups are often better placed to identify their most critical problems and know how best to resolve them. By being able to better protect and develop themselves and their communities, they also become less dependent on external aid. In turn, their actions contribute to building healthier communities which better protect and look after their most vulnerable members. 

What are Borderless' Main Focus Areas 


Borderless provides through a community-based protection and development approach a well-rounded set of services and interventions to create a life changing impact on the lives of vulnerable families and marginalized communities. We strive to ensure the right for protection, education, healthcare, social inclusion, personal well-being and financial sustainability of beneficiaries. Our programs are carefully designed to be integrated and collectively exhaustive:

Safeguard and Educate Kids

We develop, coordinate, and deliver child protection and social welfare services that meet the needs of children in adversity. Our work focuses on providing essential non-formal education and psycho-social support for children. 

Upskill and Train Youth

We equip youth with practical and life relevant tools and skills, so that they can have access to greater opportunities such as education, work, and entrepreneurship.

Empower Women

We help women develop their
technical and leadership skills so
they can support their
communities with their knowledge and talents, and eventually become financially independent and self-sufficient.

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