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Our Partners


We are always scaling up our impact to bring as much communities as we can out of adversity every day. That takes the commitment of people, companies, organizations and foundations, aligned with the singular focus of helping deprived children, youths and women turn their lives around.

Why partner with Borderless?



Support projects and programs that make a direct positive, long-term impact in some of the poorest areas.


Engage clients and employees by working together toward the common goal of eradicating the exploitation of children, youths and women.


Help us create safe environments, improve lives, and build hope by investing in a community-based approach to socio-economic development.


Gain positive brand recognition through joint public relations and cause marketing campaigns.


Be part of a borderless coalition of change-makers including leading corporations, foundations, public institutions and philanthropists.

How can I partner with Borderless?


Borderless believes everyone play an important role in creating a better world for all. We work with a variety of organizations, institutions, and companies across borders to develop innovative and effective partnerships that can and do deliver long-term value for all stakeholders.

We appreciate all our partners as their contributions make a difference in the fight to eradicate the exploitation of children, youths and women. We know that every partner, big and small, contributes according to their means. We invite you to email us to explore how we can work together either by supporting our existing programs or creating a new one by aligning the need of the communities with your desired goal.

NGOs Partners:

Supporting Institutions:

Corporate Partners:

See how with our borderless partners we are creating a safe, free and thriving world for all.

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