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Partner highlights


We value the relationships we build with our partners and we connect our partners with those that desperately need help. It also gives you a voice and brings a voice to those who have none. The bridging of these two relationships via our programs help create a space and opportunities that ultimately will help to reconcile a life.

Working with a wide range of partners, we join forces to promote the achievement of all communities’ best interests. See selected examples how with our Borderless partners we are creating a safe, free and thriving world for all.

Beirut Marathon 


Beirut Marathon Association needs no introduction to civic engagement as their entire work ethic and goals revolve around it. Last year, Beirut Marathon Association sponsored around 40 of our kids to join the thousands that participate in the marathon. While they provided transportation, meals, t-shirts and caps, the real giveaway was an unforgettable experience that the kids will always cherish. This is a partnership that we hope to repeat every year.


el Tayeb

Stitching Hope had a big impact on the surrounding communities, and people took interest in both the idea and the products. Souk el Tayeb supported the initiative by providing a stand in their weekly markets to showcase and sell Stitching Hope’s goods and help in spreading awareness. Come meet us every every Saturday at Souk El Tayeb market (from 9am to 2pm at

Mar MikhaelBeirut).



With a strong commitment to social advocacy, Silver Crumbs asked its customers what charitable initiative they’d choose to support. The resounding plea to help end hunger and spread the joy of cakes led the catering company to become a strong supporter of Borderless NGO efforts and have been donating on a weekly basis food to kids involved in our programs.

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