What you can do


Explore the possibilities.

  • Create a spark.

  • Inspire change.

  • Transform lives.

We believe that relationships are key to solving problems. By connecting you to the children and women at the center of these underprivileged communities, we will directly impact lives.

Join the Borderless Movement


  • Give Where Needed Most: It feels great knowing that, when you give a Borderless gift, you're making a lasting difference. Now it's easier than ever to spread that feeling of pride and joy while helping struggling families. Donate to those who needed most.

  • Shop at our store: Support Borderless’ mission, and participating communities with responsibly sourced, earth and artisan-friendly goods produced by the women empowered through our programs. We welcome you to visit our workshop that is located next to our Ouzai Center in Beirut 

  • Non-Cash Donations: Give what you can. Whether it’s clothes, toys, food, stationery, laptops, or anything that will support communities in need, we are open to all sort of donations. Contact us to make it happen and deliver your donation directly into the hands of the people that needed most.


Create a fundraising campaign to ensure children, youth, and women receive education and/or training opportunities to build a promising future:

  • Get Creative: Street dance, dye your hair, bake brownies, or paint pictures! It doesn't matter what you do, just have fun for a great cause!

  • Donate your birthday: Share the joy and just ask for donations instead of birthday gifts this year.

  • Run for Borderless: it’s a finish line. Raise funds for Borderless by competing in a top-tier race, joining a marathon or coming up with your own endurance event.

  • Climb for Borderless: You may be going a lot higher than you think. Pick your peak and inspire your friends to give hope to less fortunate communities and to help them create a brighter future for themselves.

Partner with Borderless


  • Major Gifts: Make a major difference to end abuse and poverty.

  • Institutional donors: Multi-lateral and bi-lateral partnerships.

  • Business for Good: Borderless works with a variety of companies to develop innovative and effective partnerships that can, and do, deliver long-term value for all stakeholders. We invite you to contact us to explore how we can work together.

  • School-2-School: Borderless embraces partner schools as powerful agents of change. In Borderless School-2-School program, schools from around the world champion and support Borderless NGO free education for all. There are so many ways that schools can help support Borderless—and we want to help you! If you are interested in becoming a partner school, please email info@borderlessngo.org

If you are a business, an enterprise, or another NGO and would like to come spend time with our kids to teach them something you like or just organize an activity please get in touch. We love for our kids to connect with people of all ages from around the world! 

Get involved


The voices of marginalized communities cannot be heard and their needs cannot be met unless there is somebody who is listening.

  • Volunteer Today: Our work can only be achieved by the generosity volunteers from all corners of the world that push current frontiers and share our vision of a global community lacking edges, limits, or boundaries. Join our ever-growing family and volunteer for a particular project you are interested in or come spend a day at our different facilities and give us a hand!

  • Educators and Social Workers: Educators and social workers unite! We are always interested in having Educators and social workers in our different facilities and involved with our various programs and projects even if it's for one day! Pitch us an idea or come by for a chat, we are all ears and always open for new experiences!

  • Fundraise for Borderless: Together, across borders, we are limitless. 

  • Social Media for Social Change: Inspire your friends and family about making a difference. Donate your digital space to help spread the Borderless message! Like our social media pages and share our stories. NO STOCK IMAGES... What you see is what we do! 

  • Sign up for Email: Learn about Borderless' work through inspiring stories and deepen your commitment to empowering impoverished communities. You’ll learn about Borderless’s work through inspiring stories, and we’ll send you information on how you can help remove kids from the streets and move youths and women from poverty to self-reliance.

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