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Make a major difference

A gift or pledge of $25,000 or greater is a significant investment in the mission to eradicate the exploitation of children, youths and women. At this level of giving, entire communities will feel the impact of your generosity.

Your Gift Can:

  • Substantially contribute to the expansion of programs dedicated to reaching every child and woman in need

  • Fund the operation costs of the kids’ center to ensure 200+ kids keep having a place to learn in a safe environment  

  • Fund our work in a specific community or fund a significant portion of a project

  • Outfit a community center with the technical supplies they need   

  • Be used as a matching incentive to leverage other corporate, foundation, governmental and/or individual gifts

Your Benefits:

  • A personal relationship with our founders who will guide you through this transformational commitment

  • In-person and phone updates on how your gift is being used to its full potential

  • Timely reports on the impact your investment has made

  • Special access to Borderless centers and naming rights of a selected room

  • Exclusive invitations to special events and reserved seating when appropriate

Let us match your passions and interests with areas of great need.

Contact us now to discuss how we can work together to do good

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